Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Grand Master Roc Raida: 1972 - 2009

Filmed on wednesday 27th October 2009  - Hosted by Tha En4cers (UK) in association with Vibe Bar

A very well shot & edited video montage of the roc raida tribute night - I felt honoured to be a part of it and to have shared the stage with so many UK legends..

R.I.P. Raida  - My only meeting with the man was brief, at a trade show where he cut it up on the decks with my brother Dj Daredevil, for such a legendary figure it was great to discover what a humble & straight up nice guy he is - & he blessed me with a ridiculously sick mixtape drop too! I'm pretty sure the x-men video 'in x-ercise' was the first scratching video me & my brother laid our hands on - a massive inspiration. Life is way too fragile, rest in peace grandmaster.

Bonus footage!  Roc Raida & Daredevil Q & A scratching:

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