Wednesday, 29 October 2008


If you didn't know already, The Boom Bap Bootleg Mix CD by Prose, the heavyweight hip hop duo of producer Steady & Efeks on the mic (& myself on the decks) - is available now from suspect packages for £4.99 , you can preview tracks & make a purchase here.

If your one of my cheap skanking friends then get at me via - & I might let you off a few pennies, you tight gits!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

This month i have been mostly listening to....

There's been a fair few dope hip hop albums released in the last few weeks, so I've decided to deliver an end of the month wrap up, be sure to check out:

Kid Kanevil - 'Back off man, I'm a scientist' - the heavyweight Leeds based producer delivers more top quality goods - I've been caning the single 'Black Bug' - join his facebook group here to download his first lp for free, you won't regret it!!

Q-tip 'The Renaissance' -A new Qtip LP? say no more....

Skreintax - 'Scene Stealers' - Two highly talented emcees from the dented records family, Skrein & Dr. Syntax, get together to record one wicked album, check my radio show with druskillz a few posts back to hear the title cut, coming out soon !!

DJ Babu - 'Duck Season Volume 3' - features a whole heap of US vocal talent & much - improved production from babu, & plenty of funky cuts this is well worthy of a spin or 4 -sean price & mf doom on on the same track? cop it.

Termanology - 'Politics as Usual' - aside from a couple of uninspired cuts, this lp from one of the US undergrounds finest has enough moments of excellence to be worth checking out....

And if you haven't already, make sure you check out the ridiculously good Chase & Status lp - 'More than a lot' - a hybrid of dnb, dubstep, rock & hip hop, this is probably a strong contender for album of the year....

I've also managed to catch a sneaky preview of the new Foreign Beggars album 'Beggatron' coming soon - it's a really varied, & extremely dope lp with tonnes of single-worthy tracks, it's gonna be huge so look out for that!! The new Black Milk LP 'Tronik' is coming soon, and the few tracks I've heard so far are very promising, he has greatly improved on both his production & rhyming skills, utilising a lot more live instrumentation to great effect...


My good friend Alex put me up on this documentary film made back in 2005, but despite much film festival attention this managed to slip my radar. It follows a platoon of American soldiers deployed in the Iraq city of Falluja in 2004, shortly before it was pretty much wiped out, & is one of the most thought provoking films I've seen in a while, check it out!!

you can watch it on youtube, part 1 is here, and follow the youtube links on the right for parts 2-8...

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Dj Matman, Daredevil & Tigerstyle Live on Diesel-u-music radio

I have yet another live radio show for you to download, this time featuring dmc/itf/vestax champs Tigerstyle & Daredevil - No tracklisting for this one, but I kick things off with a 15min selection of heavily chopped funk & disco breaks, & we go on to showcase plenty of tracks by ourselves & our affiliates, so theres a tonne of exclusive material for you.

We had a few technical difficulties along the way, but had a wicked time anyway,
you can download it here. (zshare is under maintenence so no streaming right now...)