Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A dope free mix, a short rant & a blatant plug ! (emcees & groups pay attention to the last part!)

I just got round to listening to a few recent downloads, & this one particularly caught my attention..

It's always worth checking for anything dj revolution has put his name to (his first lp is tha nutz!!) & this is no exception! It's a very nicely put together mix of classic breaks all cut up with presicion, complimented with plenty of vocal samples, & dope positive lyrics lacing the tracks throughout courtesy of Malcolm & Martin & friends. This is how MC's should do mixtapes!! fuck all these no-skills unmixed joints that are constantly churned out, get a real dj to make your shit sound hot !!

And on that note, if you are an MC or group, myself & DJ Daredevil (collectively known as the Brothers Grimm) are available to do just that, we will mix/blend/chop/ & master your tracks into a mix-cd for a small fee!! just hit me up at - wack / fake mcs need not apply!
Anyway, download that shit here.

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